Europe prepares for worst-case scenario of energy crisis

European countries are preparing for the worst-case scenario of the energy crisis, says Prime, citing Bloomberg. In the winter period, power outages are expected amid a shortage of gas after the introduction of sanctions against Russia. The crisis in the region is worsening with each passing week, the American publication adds.

France, the UK and Finland have announced that power outages are possible in the winter months. France, which used to be the leader in Europe in terms of electricity supply, may face the need to import large amounts of it in winter as its aging nuclear power plants are becoming less reliable and require repairs.

The leading European economy, Germany, according to German economists, is not only in a state of recession against the backdrop of the energy crisis, but also in recession for a number of parameters. Experts predict a decline in GDP in the country next year by 0.7% - 1.4%, the Handelsblatt newspaper reported. Global Times notes a high probability of energy collapse in the region, which threatens to turn into mass uprisings against the governments of European countries.